Open Evaporative Cooling Systems

Our Open Evaporative Cooling Systems are designed for simple operation and maintenance. Typically a water-to-water heat exchanger is used for heat transfer between cooling tower, furnace and power supply.


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Open Evaporative Cooling Systems allow for the possibility of dual spray pumps and heat exchangers and can be used for both de-ionized and non-deionized systems. With these systems multiple closed systems can be cooled using a single tower. Advantages of these systems include:

  • Lower costs: The tower and heat exchanger package is typically about half the cost of a traditional closed industrial tower.
  • Capacity flexibility: By using a plate type heat exchanger these systems provide the flexibility needed to add or remove plates.
  • Ease of maintenance: The plate type heat exchanger can be easily opened and cleaned to maintain optimum efficiency.

Larger systems often require coldwell tanks which can be supplied by either the customer or by Inductotherm. Inductotherm-supplied coldwell tanks are easy maintenance, low investment and excellent for cooling year round.

Tech Specs

Standard Features External Water-to-Water Heat Exchanger for Ease of Maintenance
Flexibility to Add or Remove Plates for Adjusting Capacity
The Ability to Cool Multiple Closed Systems
Usable for Both Deionized and Non-Deionized Systems
No Condensation Problems When Used with Inductotherm Control System
Minimum Corrosion, Scaling and Electrolysis
Low Investment Cost
No Coolant Contamination
Completely Closed-Loop Pressurized Circuit
Water-Cooled Design
Reliable Year-Round Cooling
Abnormal Temperature Protection
Audible and Visible Alarms
Full-Access Water Pumping Modules
Optional Features Plastic Towers for Higher Cycles of Concentration and can Operate with Sea Water for Special Applications
Plastic Tower Features Lighter than Traditional Steel Towers
Guaranteed Tower Shells for 15 Years
Inductotherm Supplied Coldwell Tank Features Level Controls for Pump Protection
Anti-Vortex Device for Pump Protection
Internal Strainers for Pump Protection
Available with Conductivity Meter for Bleed and Control
Available with Internal Baffling for Debris Removal
Factory Tested Critical Components