Pump Modules

Inductotherm Pump Modules are available in single or dual pump configurations for redundancy backup. Our standard controls will automatically switch in the event of a failure, preventing serious equipment damage.


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Pump Modules are fully assembled and tested prior to shipment and include an expansion tank, air separator, pump(s), filters or deionizers, and instrumentation. Additionally, discharge valves and piping can be pre-assembled to reduce on-site installation costs. They can be customizable to include heat exchangers and fill pumps as the system requires to further reduce installation costs.

Tech Specs

Standard Features Automatic Fill Line to Fill the System to the Correct Pressure
Pressure Relief Valve for System Protection
Automatic Air Removal System
Expansion Tanks to Balance System Pressure Throughout Temperature Cycling
Accessable Pumps for Ease of Maintenance
Gauges for Adjusting Flow and Pressure
Optional Features Dual Pumps with Automatic Switching for Furnace Protection
Inductotherm Supplied Check Valves for Ease of Installation
Installed Filters or Deionizers for Ease of Installation and Maintenance
Night Cool Down Timer and Cold Start Functions Available with Inductotherm Controls
Automatic Emergency Cooling Available with Inductotherm Controls
Factory Tested Critical Components