DACXtreme, DACXtreme Plus and Adiabatic Cooling Systems

DACXtreme, DACXtreme Plus and Adiabatic Cooling Systems have almost all the benefits associated with dry air cooling along with the added benefit of not being limited by the dry bulb temperature. The water usage is often about 40 percent less than a trim cooler to achieve the same level of cooling.


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DACXtreme, DACXtreme Plus and Adiabatic Cooling Systems share similar water cooling principals. Adiabatic Systems are easy to install and because they are virtually maintenance free, operating and maintenance costs are reduced. Because of the added capacity, Adiabatic Cooling Systems take up a smaller footprint than traditional Dry Air Coolers, saving foundries and melt shops valuable real estate. In addition, because these systems use evaporative cooling, they incorporate many of the benefits of a closed-circuit industrial tower without the maintenance associated with standing water. This eliminates the need for chemical treatments.

For increased capacity, Inductotherm has developed the DACXtreme™ and DACXtreme™ Plus™ Systems. These are ideal for hot regions where there is little-to-no water supply available, and when water costs are at a premium. Both the DACXtreme™ and DACXtreme™ Plus™ Systems employ dry air coolers as the main source of cooling for the system. To continue increased cooling efforts and to reduce water requirements significantly, the dry air cooler would operate normally, without the aid of evaporation, during the cooler months. Only during periods of hot weather conditions would it be assisted by either a fog trim system (DACXtreme™ System) or a compact evaporative tower (DACXtreme™ Plus™ System) for additional cooling capacity.


Tech Specs

Standard Features Low Water Discharge During Peak Temperature Months
Zero Water Discharge During Off-Peak Temperature Months
Virtually Maintenance Free
No Condensation Problems When Used with a Diversion Valve
Minimum Corrosion, Scaling and Electrolysis
Low Maintenance Costs
No Coolant Contamination
Completely Closed-Loop Pressurized Circuit
Reliable Year-Round Cooling
Emergency Cooling Capacity During Power Failures
Abnormal Temperature Protection
Audible and Visible Alarms
Optional Features Full-Access Water Pumping Modules
Fan Cycling Controls for Reduced Power Usage
Factory Tested Critical Components