Our patented MULTI-POUR™ Automated Pouring Equipment and Technology truly allows you to keep pace with the fastest molding machines for accuracy, repeatability and reliability. Foundries that require the fastest Automated Pouring System on the market today choose MULTI-POUR™ Technology to handle molding machines that transfer two molds simultaneously.


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MULTI-POUR™ Automated Pouring Systems features our advanced VISIPOUR™ P³™ (Predictive Pour Performance) Control Technology and utilizes two or more adjustable vision-based cameras and two or more adjustable stopper rod systems to effectively pour each mold line from the same vessel or from separate vessels, depending on your application. This recent breakthrough delivers the most precise pouring control with the fastest production rates. Available for either series or parallel pouring, these systems are the most advanced in the field. Let us work with you to determine which type is ideal for your application.

Tech Specs

Capacities 2 to 5 Metric Tons [2.5 to 5.5 Short Tons]
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Standard Features Bottom Pour Stopper Rod Pouring
Adjustable Vision-Based Cameras
Pneumatic Charging Cover
Hydraulic Tilting
Optional Features X-Y Axes Motion
Stopper-Rod Pouring Control Systems
Factory Tested Critical Components

Control Options

VISIPOUR™ P³™ (Predictive Pour Performance) Control Technology is our breakthrough advancement in Automated Pouring and provides perfect pour precision. The enhanced nature of our advanced VISIPOUR™ P³™ (Predictive Pour Performance) Control Technology not only reduces pour times for individual molds, but can also run multiple mold filling applications because it suits a wider variety of pouring possibilities.