Melt-Manager Plus Control Systems

Inductotherm Melt-Manager™ Plus™ Control Systems are computer-based applications which provide a higher level of melt automation technology to support furnace melt controls, diagnostic analysis and customer network, and communication interface.


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Melt-Manager™ Plus™ Control Systems are formatted for touch-screen, flat-panel computers, and provide an “easy to use” graphic interface, where most screens are accessed with a single touch. The graphic screens will assist the operator throughout the complete melting process, which can include:

  • Melt Control Modes for kWh Melting: Assists in accurately reaching the desired pouring temperature with hold-power setting; optimizes power usage and reduces electric utility charges; includes coldstart scheduling for pre-heating the furnace to improve production efficiency, and for sintering, for reducing manpower requirements and improving lining life.
  • Data History and Trending: Provides automatic collection of operational data that can be displayed on trend charts to provide operators and managers with a graphical rendering of the melt system’s daily operational history.
  • Events and Alarm Logging: Records and displays the system’s alarm and events history from a date calendar, providing operators and managers with a clear view of daily operations, making it easy to identify utilization factors, overall production efficiency and any operational delays.
  • Diagnostic Screens: Offers complete system I/O signal diagnostic information available via a comprehensive color coded screen to explore troubleshooting processes and provide inverter information and communications activity.
  • Ethernet Industrial Protocol: For customer systems to gain access to melt process run-time and diagnostic data formatted for PLCs and Host Computer Systems.

Tech Specs

Standard Features Formatted for Operator-friendly, Color Touch-Screen, Flat-panel Computers
Monitors, Displays and Records the Power Supply Meter Readings
Displays and Records System Events and Alarms
Automated Control of the Complete Melt Cycle
Displays and Records Melt Control Operating Status
Schedule Input for Automated Cold Start Control
Permits Heating Profile Input for Automatic Lining Sintering
Calculates Furnace Inductance for Lining Condition Estimate
Comprehensive Diagnostic Checks
Provides Event Information Associated with Incoming AC Line Voltage
Provides Event Information to Alert Users to Potential Arcing Situations
Includes Built-In Safety Features to Maintain Proper Operation
Maintains Record of Kilowatt Hours Used
Provides Daily Data Log Files for Metering, Alarms, Events and Inductance
Text Messaging Option for Selectable Melt Control Status, Alarms and Events
Temperature Monitoring Interface
Advanced Sensors Network Interface
Ethernet Industrial Protocols Interface
Computer Networking Over Ethernet
Multi-Language Support
Factory Tested Critical Components