Drying and Preheating Systems

Dry charge materials are crucial for worker and equipment safety, and Drying and Preheating Systems can significantly increase productivity in melting operations. We manufacture a variety of Drying and Preheating Systems, each built for maximum energy efficiency and long system life.


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Drying and Preheating Systems pass scrap through a fuel fired flame tunnel, heating the scrap and minimizing surface moisture that could cause water/molten metal interaction. In addition to drying charge materials, these units may be used to preheat charge materials to reduce the energy and time needed to melt them in the furnace. Both Drying and Preheating Systems offer high velocity reducing flame burners with automated temperature control at various settings, eliminating flameouts and minimizing charge oxidation, as well as air manifolds that maintain a precise fuel/air mixture for maximum fuel economy.

Tech Specs

Standard Features High Velocity Reducing Flame Burners
Automated Temperature Control
Air Manifolds
Temperature Control
One-Person Control Station
Preheater Exhaust Manifolds
Preheat Hood Support Frames
Combustion Ratio Control Systems
Combustion System Fuel Control Stand
Combustion Blower Unit
Factory Tested Critical Components