Channel Coating Pots

Inductotherm Channel Coating Pots are used by the steel industry for the continuous coating of steel strip.


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Channel Coating Pots provide good inductor refractory life making them ideal for galvanized, galvannealed and Galfan® coatings. They are also used for aluminum zinc and other aluminum alloy coatings. Channel inductors contain induction coil assemblies and a magnetic core made of special transformer sheet laminations. These pots are designed to hold very large volumes of metal. Inductotherm Channel Coating Pots feature:

  • A rectangular design to allow for large volumes for direct ingot feeding
  • Heavy gauge steel plates for excellent refractory support
  • Temperature monitoring to enhance reliability
  • On-site preparation with custom dry rammed refractory around a consumable channel mold (can be hung within 24 hours of installation)
  • Optional bogies and lifts for multiple pot installations
  • Water-cooled or air-cooled inductors

Galfan® is a trademark of Galfan Technology Centre, Inc. 

Tech Specs

Capacities Large Capacity Continuous Coating Lines
Small Capacity Hot-Dip Batch Coating
Standard Features Water-Cooled Twin Loop Inductors up to 750 Kilowatts
Air-Cooled Twin Loop Inductors up to 500 Kilowatts
Hybrid Water and Air-Cooled Inductors up to 500 Kilowatts
Inductor Flange Metal Leak Detection
Single-Phase Tap Changer Power Supply Units up to 500 Kilowatts
Three-Phase Balanced Tap Changer Power Supply Units up to 500 Kilowatts
Solid-State VIP™ Power Supply Units with SCR Technology up to 750 Kilowatts
Solid-State VIP™-I™ PWC Power Supply Units with IGBT Technology up to 500 Kilowatts
Water Cooling Systems with Emergency Backup
Molten Metal Leakage Detection
Power Pulsing Circuit
Patented Hollow Metallic Channel Mold for Zinc and Zinc-Aluminum Alloy Applications
Optional Features Metal Level Measurement and Monitoring
Remote Control Consoles for Remote Operation from a Central Pulpit
PLC Controls and Communication Options Available on VIP™ and VIP™-I™ Power Supply Units
Emergency Power and Changeover Systems
Inductor Covers
Insulated Pot Covers
Moveable Pot Designs for Multi-Pot Installations
Pot Lifting Systems for Multi-Pot Installations
Automated Robotic Dross Removal Provided by the ARMS™ System
Factory Tested Critical Components
Available Retrofit Options Molten Metal Leakage Detection
Communications Options via a Variety of Industrial Protocols
Power Pulsing Circuit
Automated Robotic Dross Removal Provided by the ARMS™ System